Animal Control


Animal Control is responsible for handling calls for service concerning domestic animals and certain wildlife. This is accomplished through:
  • Enforcement of municipal ordinances and state statutes relating to animals
  • Pet licensing
  • Working with pet owners to resolve problems

Adoption Fees

  • There is a $15 non-refundable fee with every adoption
  • A $50 sterilization deposit is required with each adoption
    • The new owner is given two weeks to have their pet sterilized (longer if it is a puppy)
    • The $50 fee is refunded once the City receives proof of sterilization

Animal Control Reminders

All dogs must be registered (tagged) every year through the City. Proof of rabies vaccination must be provided at registration. (Ordinances 2-201 & 2-202). 
Registration Fees:
  • $15
  • $10 for sterilized dogs
It is unlawful for any dog to run at large within the city limits. The dog will be impounded and the owner will be fined. (Ordinance 2-206)