Electric Department


The Electric Utility Department is divided into two divisions: Production and Distribution. The stated intent of this Department is to provide electricity to customers and to pay for the costs of providing the service through user charges.

Where Your Electricity Comes From

The City's electricity or energy is purchased through the EMP3 co-op group of the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency. The energy purchased is a diverse portfolio that includes renewable wind energy and integrated marketplace purchases. The base load of our energy is from GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority) and WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) which is hydroelectric power. 
Power Plant 3.jpg

The City's Power Plant now only generates in emergencies.

Power Plant Superintendent and Operator Responsibilities

Three full-time employees including three operators are employed by the city. Their responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the production of power during peak demands
  • Provide routine preventive maintenance
  • Make repairs to the plant
  • Repair and maintain the various pieces of equipment associated with electric generation
  • Record and monitor the electrical generation equipment

The plant is capable of producing 9,700 kilowatts produced on six dual-fuel (natural gas or diesel) engines and two CAT-powered generators.

Electric Distribution Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of the Electric Distribution fall on four full-time employees, including two journey linemen and two apprentices. Their responsibilities include:

  • The daily maintenance and repair necessary to properly operate the system of over 55 miles of primary electrical lines, 683 street lights, and 1,650 meters
  • Preventive maintenance to all electric lines within the system
  • Construction tasks such as the installation of power lines and hook ups for houses and businesses