The cemeteries are located on Highway 56 just north of the City and are maintained by a full-time sexton year-around.

For any internment information or locating grave sites, contact City Hall.

Both cemeteries will be open to conduct business between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, except for holidays.

No burial shall take place on Sundays or holidays except at a time of catastrophe, disaster, or epidemic.


Decorations may be placed upon graves two days prior to, and 15 days following, Decoration Day of each year. Flowers that are placed in urns, which are a part of a headstone and are embedded in a concrete base, are permitted at all times.

Grave Purchasing and Fees

All spaces are priced at $300.00 each. Grave opening and closing fees are:

  • Weekdays
    • $500.00 
    • $200.00 - Cremation
  • Saturday
    • $600.00 
    • $300.00 - Cremation