The roads around Osage City are traveled each day by trucks hauling plastic goods and materials out of the Orbis Plastic Plant, thousands of cases of Anheuser-Busch products, goods to local retailers and manufacturers, and large grain trucks accessing the local and area elevators. Osage City is close to several major roadways:
  • Within 15 miles of the Kansas Turnpike (I-335)
  • Within 8 miles from U.S. Highway 75
  • Approximately 35 miles to Interstate 70
  • Approximately 23 miles to Interstate 35
In addition, U.S. Highway 56, an east and west truck route across Kansas, intersects with State Highway K-31 one mile north of Osage City.

The City of Osage City currently has a municipal airport with a runway of 2,560 feet. Although it cannot handle larger aircraft at this time, the City is currently undergoing the process of updating the airport master plan, which would increase the length of the runway to 4,100 feet. The purpose of the master plan update is to allow the City to access $450,000 in airport improvement grant funds set aside by the FAA for improvements at the facility.

The City is less than 30 miles from Forbes Field, which has airline commuter service to the major airports in the area. The largest airport hub in the area is Kansas City International Airport, which is about an 80-minute drive from Osage City.

The City recently installed a new rail switch that has allowed Orbis Plastics to utilize rail service for its shipping needs.