City Facility Rental

Community Building

The Community Building is located at 517 South 1st Street. It holds approximately 41 tables and chairs to be used within the building. The building itself is about 75 ft. in length and 39 ft. in width. It has a kitchen available with refrigerator, stove / oven, and deep sinks to use for cleaning dishes. There are two bathrooms inside the building for your convenience. Read the Community Center Rental Policy.

Santa Fe Park

Santa Fe Park is located at 110 North 5th Street just west of the railroad depot. There are picnic tables under the shelter area for your usage. The kitchen facility includes sink and counter space. There are bathrooms located on the south side of the shelter house for your convenience. Read the Santa Fe Park SHELTER Rental Policy.

Santa Fe Depot

Santa Fe Depot is located at 504 Market Street just east of the railroad tracks. There are tables and chairs to use in the large meeting room. There is an area within the meeting room with counter space, refrigerator, and sink. There are two bathrooms located in the depot for your convenience.
Read the Santa Fe Depot Rental Policy.

Rental Fees

To rent these properties you must come to City Hall, complete the rental agreement, and pay the applicable fees. Below are the rental fees and deposits for each of the buildings per day.

Facility Rent Deposit Deposit with Alcohol
Community Building

Citizen Use $50 $100 $100
Santa Fe Park SHELTER

Citizen Use $35 $25 $100
Santa Fe Depot

Citizen Use-Weekdays (8:00 am-5:00 pm) $50 $100 $200
Citizen Use-Weekdays (6:00 am-12:00 pm) $50 $100 $200
Citizen Use-Weekends (all day) $90 $100 $200